Rollicking Tales – Steampunk Wanted!

A new anthology is being launched next year and is looking for steam punk contributions. ROLLICICKING TALES: THE FARMER’S ALMANAC is open for submissions until 31st December 2012.

Anthology editor Thomas H Pugh says ‘Steampunk fits the bill exactly with regards to what we are looking for. Personally I love the aesthetics of the genre, and the sense of humour and joie-de-vive found in many Steampunk tales will fit in perfectly with the feel I am trying to create for this anthology.’

Stories should be based around agriculture of some sort, be it cattle ranching in a steam powered wild west, or algae farming in Martian caves. For more information visit the website

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The Daily Steampunk have kindly agreed to host this guest blog spot as part of the Rollicking Tales Blog Tour. Tomorrow we will be guests of fantasy author Nyki Blatchley ( To retrace the tour from the beginning go to The Various Electronic Missives of Thomas H Pugh (