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At long last I got the chance to see the movie with the most effective and successful viral marketing and crowd funding campaign ever. Iron Sky – Space Nazis from the Moon on a mission to conquer the Earth. And now I have to come up with a review and not put too many spoilers in.

Iron Sky: Reichsflugscheiben, a beautiful moon and the earth

Let’s start with the hard facts: The film was produced on a rather tight budget and you do not notice. The special effects are neither cheap nor hoaky but state of the art. I have to commend the Finish programmers responsible. A difficult job well done!

The story:

Well, what do you expect? Iron Sky is about Space Nazis on the moon, the story has to be weird. Actually, it is probably weirder than you expect.

The scouting mission of the Fourth Reich gets an unexpected ally who leads them to an even more unexpected ally. Both allies are rather temporary, obviously, but what they achieve and who picks up on and uses their slogans… Then, everything goes not quite according to the plan of the Führer on the Moon and all other plans also do not work out as expected. So many dark comedy elements, so many nasty hints at current politics!


Iron Sky - Get ready for the Fourth Reich


Oh my Cthulhu! The people who did the casting deserve a medal! The actors fit their roles perfectly and fill them with life. All the über-aryan Germans and the strapping Afro-American supermodel, Black on the Moon… And the stereotypicality (stereotypicalness?) of it all! The wide-eyed idealistic SS schoolteacher, the brick-jawed career officer, the sinister Moon Führer, the black supermodel turned astronaut, the sex-crazed assistant, the President of the United States, the North Korean patriot and the Finnish… No I am not going to say it (it is not stereotypical, this last one).
But do not be mistaken, Iron Sky is not just all good fun. The film pulls no punches commenting on very recent history. The quotes and reactions by the US president alone are worth the price you pay to see the movie, provided you like acidic satire.

Iron Sky – Go see the Movie (this is a review, and an order!)

Iron Sky is one action-packed, darkly humorous, politically incorrect and brilliantly witty jewel of a movie. If you only watch one film in 2012, go watch Iron Sky.

Oh, I almost forgot: It has Reichsflugscheiben and Zeppelins, that alone should be enough to send all the Dieselpunks out there scrambling for tickets.

Oh, and the soundtrack! Laibach is responsible for that one, the moon anthem is a masterpiece, and if you know Laibach, you know why they were chosen. The music Laibach created for Iron Sky could not have been better. Guess what the next download is I am going to purchase. Laibach’s Iron Sky soundtrack will get a separate review here.

10 out of 10 Zeppelins, no, Reichsflugscheiben, the badge of honour


and some quotes (out of context, some of them are not really dirty):

Sieht aus wie das Bärtchen von unserem Führer! (stupid laughter)

He fell for the old last blowjob trick.

It was so long.

Ab 05:45 wird zurück geschossen.

All right, North Korea, sit down.


And: Is there at the very end, the very, very end, a hint at a possible sequel? I certainly hope so!

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