Super Mario goes Steampunk

Now this is something genuinely beautiful and inspired. A Super Mario themed Steampunk Cosplay:

There is more cosplay and related photography in Ashley Anderson’s gallery on DeviantArt.

I think Steampunk and Super Mario combines rather well. For one thing, Mario is a plumber, a craftsman with a rather dirty and gritty job and he has a reason to use a wrench. very fitting. Also:  The Super Mario series of games is old. Very, very old as far as video/computer games go. It started out as an arcade game back in 1983. I guess this makes this game older than some of my readers.
And since Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros is all about saving Princess Peach, well, do I need to say more? An old, ancient game, harking back to ye olden days before the Ætherweb, a gritty guy with a wrench and an epic quest to save the princess. This is Steampunk!