Props! – Steampunk Hip Hop

Right, seems like Professor Elemental is not the only one doing hip hop Steampunk style.Today, my featured Steampunk musician is a Hip Hop artist by the name of Props! and his song “The Taste of Heaven”:


Props! is based in Seattle (rather unsurprisingly, since a lot of Steampunk related things are going on there). I really like the fusion of regular Hip Hop video themes (i.e. a lot of clubbing and dancing) with Steampunk in this video.

Oh, and there is more: Please feel free to download more material here:

And watch some more videos by the same producers:

The filmmaker responsible for the video is Paul Maupoux of Cro-Magnon Pictures, what a wonderful name for a company. The little anthropologist in me rejoices.

Please pay him a visit, too, there is (or will be soon) some background info and making-of info on Props!’ video to be found.


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