SteamUp Festival Vol. III – Travel Log Part 1: The Video

On the 14th of April 2012 (i.e. yesterday), I made my way to the beautiful city of Prague to attend the SteamUp Festival Vol. III at the Hoodoo Music Club.

SteamUp Festival Vol. III flyer

Getting there was just a tiny bit of an adventure itself, I took the long-range express bus:

The Express Bus to Prague

It was far better than I expected and definitely preferable to taking the train. You get coffee and snacks brought to you, the staff is friendly, something the Deutsche Bahn does no always have to offer.
So, after almost five hours on the bus I arrived in Prague, checked into my hotel (which was a bit unnecessary, but I shall come to that), got dressed for the occasion and went to Club Hoodoo. Doors opened at 19:00, I arrived there around 19:45, thinking I would be one of the first guests.
I was wrong!
When I got there, about 100 Steampunks had already assembled there and the numbers would swell even more during the evening.
Lyrel Alia Terra, the event manager and head of the Alia Terra Promo Group

The Alia terra Promo Group Banner

had told me, I would be on the guest list, wich I was. I also received a red band, while mos others got a brown/brass coloured one.

Red Armband with SteamUp Festival Vol. II printed on it and a mechanical watch

For some reason, I almost forgot to ask why I got a red one, but I will also come to that later. Apart from the already sizable number of guests, there were also a number of vendors around. They had set up their goods in a separate room and people were milling about.

Also present and busy taking photos: Reporters from various magazines, both in the vendors’ room and at the dance floor. I am really glad they all spoke English. I cannot for the life of me remember what “Can I take your picture?” means in Czech, although I was asked several times, but, they asked me in English, too.

The only two Czech sentences I am able to use with any degree of confidence are “Nemluvim Czesky.” and “Mluvite anglicky?”.

Anyway, before I say any more, here is the video I produced from the snippets I took at the event and the short interview with Lyrel. It captures only a fraction of what was actually going on and there will be at least one, more likely two, more blog posts about the SteamUp Festival Vol. III here. I made quite a few notes. So, without further ado, the video:


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