SteamUp Festival Vol. III – Travel Log Part 2: Unused Wrist-Band

As I said in the previous installment of the travel log, when I arrived, there were about 100 people already there. Most of them were also dressed up steampunk-style, most of the others were either goths or metal-heads.
So, do you know how many people live in the Czech Republic? 10,562,214 according to the 2011 census. How many in Germany? About eight times as many. How many in the UK? About six times as many. Yet, there were 100 Steampunks present, 45 minutes after the party started. By the time the festival had really picked up momentum, there were at least double that number!
People, I suggest, we all take the Steampunks of the Czech Republic as a shining example of getting an amazing party started.
What is more, the number of vendors in the place and the quality of their gear. I got several pieces for myself and my wife and I will showcase them in the final installment of this travel log. I am not yet sure, how many parts there will be.
For now, two images of the wares on display and for sale:

Steampunked USB Sticks

These are absolutely beautiful modded USB sticks. 16 GB and they were on sale for 1300 Czech Crowns, or about 70 USD. Yes, I know how much modded USB sticks normally cost on Etsy and I guess some of you are biting the edges of their tables right now.
Well, if you are interested in getting in touch with the guys who created the USB sticks, drop me a line.
And here is some more regular jewelry:

Handcrafted steampunk jewelry on display

I got myself a very beautiful tie-clip from the lady behind the above counter.

As I mentioned before, I had a red wrist-band, while most others had brown-brass coloured wrist-bands. The red wrist-band meant: Backstage access. Well, I did not really make much use of it since I had such a great time just dancing and talking to everybody. I met so many great people, this has been so far the best party of the year and definitely one of the top ten parties ever!

What’s more: Everybody, and I mean everybody, was really nice, friendly and welcoming. And (to my relief) most of the people spoke really good English, since my Czech did not go that far at all.So, I had plenty of people to talk and dance with, we had a lot to talk about, we shared some drinks, it was just great.

Final note for today: At the Hoodoo Club you may smoke. When I got out the next morning (at half past four) I reeked of cold cigarette smoke. Excellent, just as I did during my twenties after a night out. SOme smells make you feel younger!


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