The European Steampunk Convention Fundraiser! Help! 20 Days left!

The fundraiser for the European Steampunk Convention has less than 20 days left and there is still a long way to go.

To be fair, we overestimated the amount of money we needed, but not by a lot. Right now, though, paying for the goodies will eat up the money we have collected, leaving us with nothing to support the convention. Thus, the fundraiser fails.

This is an unacceptable situation.

Right now, there will be major events in or near Madrid, Luxembourg, Vienna, Prague and Moscow and a number of events of various sizes (some of them may well be major as well) all over Europe from Scandinavia to the Adriatic Sea.

We need to be able to connect them via the internet, and we need equipment for making a documentary about it. Yes, the story of the convention will be told!

What is more, since a lot of things will be going on online, every Steampunk around the world can join in and watch those parties and concerts which have streaming equipment. Yes, even if you are sitting somewhere near Bismarck in North Dakota, in the Australian Outback or the New Hebrides, you can be part of this event. As long as you are online, you can be part of the European Steampunk Convention.

So please, Steampunks around the world, please help us get this going! There are goodies on Indie GoGo waiting for you and a Convention you can join where ever you are! This started out as a party for European Steampunks, but it has now become an event for the Steampunk scene around the globe! Let us do this in best Steampunk style and meet up in the aether!