SteamUp Festival Vol. III Travel Log Part III: No Sleep 'til R'lyeh!

This part of the travel log is particularly hard to begin. I have actually deleted and rewritten the first paragraph several times by now. So what I am doing now is just writing along to get into the flow. When I made my way to Prague, I knew I would have a short night. The SteamUp Vol. III was scheduled to last until 04:00 and the express bus back would leave at 07:16. As it turned out, I did not have to worry about that and booking the hotel was a bit unnecessary.

Up until about midnight I did not feel sleepy at all. I danced a lot, I talked to the vendors, I interviewed Lyrel (as seen in the video).

Talking of dancing: I guess it was Balú who came up with the idea to do a seance-style dance with the Ouija-board-operation-like interlocking of fingers. I expected Yog-Sothoth to appear any second. All I got was strained fingers. The four, no, five, others did not fare any better, either.

After around midnight I was a little tired and had a can of Red Bull and two coffees over the course of the next two hours. My wife told me I should try the coffee in Prague, since they make really good one. She was right. In combination with the Red Bull it also meant I did not feel tired at all anymore. The final stretch of the party was spent chatting with some more great people, all of whom being rather fond of the epic game Arkham Horror.

Being a Cthulhu enthusiast and fan of the game myself, there was even more to talk about. Lucky me!

Around 04:30 we finally left, let’s count… If I remember correctly, either six or seven people made their way from the Hoodoo Club to The Raven, a pub on the other side of Námestí Míru.

Náměstí Míru (photo by Matěj Čadi)

Námestí Míru (photo by Matej Cadi)

According to Jakub, one of the other late-leavers, The Raven is the place where the role players, metal heads and goths gather in the early hours of the morning.

We arrived too late, however. They were already clearing up, when we got there. Instead having something between a really late night coffee and a really early breakfast, I bid farewell and made my way back to my hotel. It was already past five in the morning and there was no point going to sleep. The caffeine was still working anyway.

Sitting down in the bus, I finally felt the effect of the long night and promptly fell asleep, waking up again only when we had already reached the outskirts of Munich. About five hours of sleep, not too bad.

Thus ended my visit to Prague. I had a great time, met great people and now have great memories. This is not the end of the Travel Log. There is at least one more episode to come.