SteamUp Festival Vol. III Travel Log Part IV: Photos and Great People

The final installment of my Prague travel log is a massive photo update and a personal “Thank You” to all the people I met and those who made this evening so excellent and memorable (the two groups overlap heavily).
First, here are some of the pictures I took:

And now the shout out to all the great people:

Thank you…

Lyrel Alia Terra and the Alia Terra Promo Group





Joe Were

Žive Magnetik



Jakub (James)

“The photographer with the Mjolnir around his neck whom I forgot to ask his name, but who took several pictures of me”

All the vendors (there will be a special on one vendor, soon)

Truls (Draculaclothing)

All the models from the fashion show and the other performers

The staff of The Hoodoo Club

And if you think I have forgotten someone, please, tell me!

19 years passed between my first visit to Prague until I managed a second visit. It will not be this long again. There are plans for the next one brewed up between my wife and me already.