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April 2012

Uhura and Obama do the Vulcan Salut

Looking at this picture, the nerd in me is doing an extensive happy dance. Can you imagine any other resident of the Oval Office being this epic? Actually, I can. My heavily biased list includes both Roosevelts, Eisenhower and Kennedy.

Today in 1968 – A Science Fiction Milestone

1968 is mostly remembered in the popular conscience for the hippies. But as it usually is, more happened than what is commonly remembered. One of the great movies of 1968 and a milestone of cinema in general was Stanley Kubrick‘s 2001, which premiered April 2nd, 1968.   To commemorate this, …

Rollicking Tales – Steampunk Wanted!

A new anthology is being launched next year and is looking for steam punk contributions. ROLLICICKING TALES: THE FARMER’S ALMANAC is open for submissions until 31st December 2012. Anthology editor Thomas H Pugh says ‘Steampunk fits the bill exactly with regards to what we are looking for. Personally I love …

Zelda Google

Oh the days of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. When most of the adventure still happened in your head… Now, Google has seen the signs of the times and gone retro. Yes, I know what day it is. Still, would it not be great? And this is what home …