An Artifact from Italy

From the beautiful country of Italy comes this most remarkable Steampunk artifact, a Zeppelin lamp. Such a beauty:

Flaminio Bovino Airship Lamp

The Flaminio Bovino Airship Lamp

As you will have noticed (doubtlessly, I hope) the creator of this lamp no steampunk study should be without is Flaminio Bovino, and this could mean “Burning Cattle” or “Burning Cow” but my Italian is a little hazy.

In any case, pay his site a visit. It is still fairly new but well worth keeping an eye on, judging from this creation. There are several more images of this lamp on the site, too. One more reason to go there.

I for my part will keep an eye out for updates on

Addition and Correction: “Flaminio” does have nothing to do with flames, it is a regular but uncommon first name. Flaminio Bovino is the name of the artist. I just mistook it for a company name. Which proves my point: My Italian is hazy.