Support the SciFund Challenge! Mad Science Hurray!

Today’s feature is for mad scientists and other future overlords of a more intellectual persuasion who do not have the funds to get started on their own.

If the description above is all about you (yes, you!) then you should pay RocketHub a visit.

RocketHub Logo

This is all because RocketHub is currently partnering with the SciFund Challenge

SciFund Challenge

an amazing initiative. Not only does it support scientific research (something I am a big proponent of), it also connects the science directly with the man and woman and child on the street through crowdfunding.

Thus, every single one of us can become a participant in scientific research. This is such a great idea! Come on everybody, Steampunk, Dieselpunk or whoever you are out there! This is your easy way to make a lot of difference.

Support science today!


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