Steampunk Folk: Pocketwatch

The range of Steampunk music just keeps expanding and expanding. After the latest Steampunk musician featured here was doing Hip-Hop, today’s band is doing folk: Pocketwatch

Pocketwatch performing in Eindhoven

© Pocketwatch

Pocketwatch are a London-based trio consisting of:

Nadia Walsh – Classical Guitar & vocals

Will Segerman – Five String Banjo & vocals

Emma Butterworth – Cello & vocals


About themselves, they have this to say:

We’re an offshoot of the Clockwork Quartet, and have been gigging for about a year and a half now, and have played at Asylum, Waltz on the Wye and White Mischief in London. We’re at the folkier end of the Steampunk sound with just cello, banjo and guitar plus three vocals, so a little different from some of the other bands out there.


A little different they are in deed. Their music is just the thing you need to relax after a long day chasing sky pirates or getting rid of those pesky Air Navy dirigibles.

Here is a Simon & Garfunkel cover they recorded, it proves my statement:

Ah… So sweet and calm.

Now, Pocketwatch are about to release their first album and another video is in the making, so stay tuned for further updates on the trio. In the meantime, visit their official ætherweb site and their Facebook page.