How to survive a Robot Uprising

Let us presume for a minute, the evil plans of my good friend Captain Serenus have finally been turned into action and he has unleashed his robot army upon the world. Than he gets betrayed by his loyal intern, whom I will not name because her well-being could be endangered.

But alas, Leonie’s plan (uuups, I said it…)  does not quite work as imagined, either. Thus, the robot army is now not under her control but goes rampaging around the world, spreading out across the world  from the Hollow Earth and Reichsluftflottenstützpunkt Neuschwabenland like  toddlers in a china shop (You know, they don’t actually want to cause any harm and damage, it just happens. Every parent will know what I am talking about).

So now we have a robot uprising at our hands. What can we do? Well, fear not, Traveler has found this instructional video for you: