Geeky Steampunk Cascade

You really never know when you are going to come across the next Steampunk thing on the ætherweb. Steampunk has such a high penetration into webculture and art, it is almost impossible to avoid it. Of course I by no means trying to avoid it, that would be beside the point.
It just so happens I was watching a completely unrelated video channel and what was featured? Two Steampunk contraptions. Eerily enough, there is even a weird connection between them. One is an invention of Nemo Gould (Nemo!), the other one is a most splendid contraption in the form of the fabled Nautilus by the Dutch Music Artist Arthur van Poppel!


Nautilus Music Automaton by Arthur van Poppel

This can be no coincidence, the Illuminati must be at work.

These are the two artifacts in action:

The Cycloptopus


Arthur van Poppel’s Nautilus Band Automaton

Invention in action creating art. Most beautiful! And I guess Mr. Van Poppel will be mentioned in an upcoming non-fiction book regarding Steampunk.