The Illuminati have gone underground

Everybody who knows anything about the Illuminati (especially if your primary source of information is the noted scholar Dan Brown), knows, they are a secretive organization. They are pretty much underground. How deep underground they really are has thus far been a matter of speculation. Up until now.

Believe me, it took quite some effort to bring you this information. I had actually been kicked out of the Regensburg Dome (Upper Palatinate region, Bavaria, Germany) mere moments before I took this photograph:

A sewer lid bearing masonic symbols

The entrance to the "Sewer of the Illuminati", Regensburg, Bavaria

Yes, this is a sewer lid with a latin inscription and a masonic symbol. I have finally come across the secret entrance to the Lair of the Illuminati™. Who would have thought they take “underground” so literally these days.

There is more to this story, and I will tell you eventually. Now I have to prepare my next move…