Featured Blog: Nebe plné vzducholodí

Once again, it is time to demonstrate how international a phenomenon Steampunk is, for today’s featured blog is Nebe plné vzducholodí, and this is Czech for “A Skyful of Airships”:

The header of Nebe plné vzducholodí

Nebe plné vzducholodí has been around since 2010 and there is quite a bit of material to be discovered there, most more westerly Steampunks will be unfamiliar with. I know, the language barrier, but as the author puts it in the ENglish introduction to the blog:

Greetings, fellow Steampunks.
Welcome to another blog of the genre, one whose name translates into something like A Skyful of Airships. Sadly enough, this is the only page in English that you’ll find here, but don’t let that discourage you – there are pretty pictures to be checked out, interesting videos to watch, and funny-looking Czech words to read out loud (if you can manage. One of my Scottish friends claims the language has no vowels).

Besides, Google Translate and other sources on the web to help you get the gist of the articles, but the translations generated are an adventure all by themselves… The original article is this one.

I strongly suggest you go and visit the blog, even if you end up just watching the videos and look at the pretty pictures, it is always good to realize, there is more to Steampunk than what the early member-states of NATO produce.

Besides, it might kindle your interest in learning another language. Multilingualism for Steampunk! Hurray!