Steampunk Desktop Widgets – Virtual Jewels

Here is another great way to steam up your life or in this case, your computer. Since you are reading this blog, I presume you have got one and are there for the right kind of audience.
As the title of this post reveals, I am talking about desktop widgets and what beautiful widgets they are, take a look (those two examples represent ony a fraction of the available selection):

Steampunk Calendar Widget

Steampunk Weather Widget

And this is the second widget in action:

Responsible for these virtual jewels are the people at Lightquick. Pay their site a visit, they have quite a selection of Steampunk and other widgets available for free, and also for Windows and Mac.

So do not wait any longer, give your computer the feel of the navigational Babbage of the submarine or airship of your choice and get one or more of the widgets!

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