Augmented Reality, Steampunk and Learning: Color Vacuum

From the laboratories of Curious Hat comes an app that lets you analyze the colors of the world around you. It is based on a machine invented by the elusive …

Ah, no, before I spill the beans, I let the people from Curious Hat explain what the story of the Professor is:

Color Vacuum was originally invented by Professor Viktor Vapori in late 1800s.
Vapori created many visionary machines that few people have seen or heard of. They were designed to illustrate concepts of science, math, art and nature to his 3 children.
The Color Vacuum machine was protected by an exquisite wood box and contained an handwritten letter from Professor Vapori to his children. In this letter Vapori described the machine, its intended use and the possible play modes.
Curious Hat has recently discovered these machines and we are now bringing them to the public in the form of mobile apps.

But how exactly does it work? Well, watch:

The app itself looks like this on your device:

Color Vacuum App in action

Beautiful and very steampunk in deed!

More importantly, it lets you play with the reality around you. A different approach to augmented reality, since the reality remains non-augmented and all the augmentation happens in the device without anything else in need to be prepared. Genius! Thus far, it is only available for iPhone and iPad, but I hope it will be released for Android as well. For now, I highly recommend you also check out the site of Curious Hat, there is a lot more information available there.