Shaun Gentry's Clockwork Cthulhu – A Masterpiece!

A while ago, I was contacted by the most notable gentleman Shaun Gentry about an arts project he was working on: A Clockwork Cthulhu statue. The combination of “Clockwork” and “Cthulhu” alone was enough to make my mythos-corrupted heart beat faster.

In between the initial contact and Shaun sending me the photos of the completed statue, I had a look at his work on Deviant Art and thus expected something remarkable.
I was wrong. I was also completely unprepared for what Shaun finally sent me. Just look at it and zoom in, the images behind the preview-thumbnails below are huge!

The attention to detail, the power and strength this statue of Great Cthulhu radiates! This is a masterpiece!
I imagine this not to be a CLockwork Cthulhu, though. To me this is a full-blown Cthulhu Steampunk Mecha, the Mythos equivalent of Mechagodzilla.

However, I cannot imagine Cthulhu rising and battling Mecha Cthulhu in defense of planet Earth. More likely, the Great Old One will take telepathic control of his steampunk copy and wreak even more havoc.
But enough of my ramblings.
Shaun Gentry’s Clockwork Cthulhu is one fantastic creation, detailed, life-like despite its mechanical nature, and inspiring to every Steampunk and Cthulhu Mythos cultist out there!
Again, take a look at every image in the gallery. Zoom in, take in every detail. You will be amazed what you can discover on the statue. Take your time, it is well worth your time.

I cannot stress this enough: This is a masterpiece!

And if you are not too certain about who or what the aforementioned Mechagodzilla is: