The Lost DMB Files – David Mark Brown Strikes back

David Mark Brown, famed author of Fistful of Reefer, or is he?, has gotten up to something remarkable. He disappeared. Actually, he disappeared in the 1930’s, along with most of his writings. What it was I was writing about before? The review of Fistful of Reefer? I do not quite recall, now…

Lost DMB Files Cover

So, what are the lost DMB files?

Published originally as serials and dime novels, these Lost DMB Files are indeed entertaining and thrilling stories by their own right. But when taken together and decoded it becomes clear that Brown intended to document a timeline of events (now 100 years removed) using the only means available.


And what was that about this whole Reeferpunk thing, you might ask?

Good question, I say. The matter is much more complex than you can imagine and there may well be a cover-up of sorts underway. I am not quite sure myself, what is going on, but I strongly suggest you go over here and see for yourselves.

The story behind the life and work of dime novelist David Mark Brown and  what happened to him is intriguing and really makes you wonder…

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