Review: Diesel City by Stefan

Diesel City is a difficult book to review, it is a work of art, created by the images it contains. To do it complete justice would mean to describe and review every single image of its 200 pages in detail.

Diesel City Cover

Instead, I have to make do with a woefully short review of this mind-boggling, stupendous piece of Dieselpunk art.

Steam City by Stefan has the tag-line “Fiction reveals the truths reality obscures” and this is exactly what it does. Through a long series of very powerful images, every single one a digital painting worth to be turned into a poster, the majority also a credit to every modern art gallery, the story of the eponymous Steam City is told. From its beginnings to its skylines to war to decadence to crime. The peaks and abysses of Diesel City are fathomed and measured and the reader finds himself drawn ever deeper into the parallel universe of Diesel City the book creates. This parallel universe is a mirror of our own time, a dirty, grimy mirror, yet, it is obvious. Diesel City is a place that could be here and now but never was. It is the place we wanted to go but feared to take the first step.

Diesel City - Interior Art

Stefan has created the most impressive piece of art I have seen in a long time. No other graphic-based art has moved me so much and drawn me in so completely since I first laid my hands and eyes on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman over a decade ago. Diesel City is already a classic, a true masterpiece!

Diesel City Interior Art - Zeppelin Voyage Advert


There can be only one verdict:

Ten out of ten Zeppelins and the Badge of Honour!


No Dieselpunk worth their weight in fuel should be without a copy of this book! Want to find out more? I am sure you want to, Diesel City can be found here!