Art Donovan, Bellydance and an Ukulele

Now if this headline did not grab your attention, I am not sure what will.

The reason this combination came about is simple: I am a bit pressed for time and I am combining a number of art-related items into one bigger one. Let us begin.

Art Donovan, author of the most marvelous and highly recommended book The Art of Steampunk, which I have featured here before,

has created some wonderful technological art and was kind enough to point it out to me, here is a teaser:

Steampunk Gas Lantern by Art Donovan

Steampunk Gas Lantern by Art Donovan

I wish I had the skill Art has… It is always a little frustrating to see what the tinkerers of the Steampunk scene are capable of creating.

I guess this little teaser has made you curious what other artifacts Mr. Donovan has created, well look no further than here:


Now for the bellydance: Since blogging about Mahafsoun I have been contacted by another young bellydancer, and just like Mahafsoun, she is from Vancouver. Shahedah is also taking a modern approach to this ancient art, with quite a wide range of music. Here are just two examples:

Another dancer to watch (and watch again).

And now for the final bit, the Ukulele, brought to you by Peter Hurney of, he has created this Steampunk Ukulele:


Steampunk Ukulele Detail

What a beautiful piece! I am especially pleased about this little Cthulhu-esque detail. This ukulele is just perfect for any rite dedicated to Kana-Loa, a.k.a. Great Cthulhu!