Adopt a Werewolf Puppy today!

For centuries, self-declared monster hunters have gone out into the dark forests and remorselessly slaughtered members of one of the rarest species on the planet:


Few people have ever wasted a thought on the fact that some of those beautiful, powerful and magnificent creatures they slew had families of their own. More often than not, the death of an adult werewolf meant certain doom for their puppies.
Until now! The valiant Doctor Baxter has built an orphanage for werewolf puppies and now you can help! Visit Werepups today and give a little furry bundle of fun and energy a good and loving home.
You can only win! Not only do you help an endangered species, you also get a loving and devoted child and you wil never ever, EVER, again have any trouble with door-to-door sales persons!
Besides, who could resist a little cutie like this one?

Werewolf Puppy

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