The fashion label Diesel goes Steampunk

Look at that! High street labels are picking up on retro-fashion and turning it into major fashion lines.
The latest is Diesel’s Black Gold, which they describe thusly:

…New twists to traditional garments, iconic blends of past and future, artfully distressed denim and leather, and the craftsmanship of tailoring are some of the signatures of Diesel Black Gold that imbue the products with an authentic vintage feel and a sophisticated, contemporary image.

Diesel Black Gold is the ultimate Rock Chic for those who understand that style has nothing to do with uniformity.

Especially the last sentence is something a lot of us adhere to pretty much. I have to say, there are quite some eye-catchers in the line, especially among the boots and shoes.
Not necessarily something for a convention, but for the casual office steampunk look… I will have a closer look!
The original of the following image is taken from the collection, it is (c) Diesel, and since this technically an endorsement, it should not be aproblem of me using it here:

Diesel Black - Steampunk High Street Fashion