Vote Cthulhu and Elder Party in 2012

Let’s face it:

Puny human politicians are more interested in lining their own pockets and legislating exactly how their billionair cronies/multi-nationals/campaign donators want them to.

They have been lying to us, made false promises and screwed us over twice for decades now. Decades… how pathetic!

There have been powers around which have never hidden their true agendas and which have been in charge of this planet long before the distant ancestors of humanity crawled out of the steaming oceans.

They have never lied about the fact they do not care for feeble life forms such as us, with our insignificant dreams and virtually non-existant future. Our despicable politicians really have no idea what the universe is really all about:

Things our feeble mammalian brains cannot comprehend!

It is time for us to face this ultimate truth and give the power back to the beings who undertsand what is going on in the vastness of the void and what things hide and howl in the chasms between the cosmoses!

A Great Old One running for President

Hand the power back to those who have held it before for eons and have been waiting to get it back for vigintillions of years!
Vote Elder party in 2012!

Iä! I am a cultist and I approve this message!

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