Happy Birthday, Harrison Ford!

Harrison Ford has graced this planet with his presence for the past 70 years, now. His career has spanned almost six decades (56 years, as of 2012) and he is one, if not the, most iconic actor of his generation, portraying two of the most memorable movie characters of all time: Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones Poster Cut

Harrison Ford is also known for portraying Rick Deckard in Blade Runner and Jack Ryan in several Tom Clancy adaptions.

For this blog, Blade Runner and the Indiana Jones movies are of special interest. Blade Runner is finest Cyberpunk and the Indiana Jones series of films stretches all the way from classic Pulp/Dieselpunk to Atompunk with its final installment,  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

And for the geek community in general: Harrison Ford did his part, and a great part, to popularize the genres Pulp, Cyberpunk and Science-Fiction, he is one of our heroes!


So today, we raise our glasses, steins, cups and mugs to Harrison Ford, a living legend!