Sherlock Holmes and the Consulting Detective

This is one of the cases where Steampunk and classic crime fiction overlap.
Being the first feature length film from writer and director Maxwell Stewart, Sherlock Holmes and the Consulting Detective is an original Conan Doyle style story set in 1890. The film is a sometime surreal and humourous view into the great detective’s mind as he is faced with an impossible case and it’s potentially fatal fallout. The film feels an influence from works like Eraserhead, Les Yeux Sans Visage, and Sir Henry at Rawlinson End rather then any modern adaptation of the great detective’s adventures.

Although the film is not explicitly steampunk it has strong undertones in it throughout. Sherlock Holmes and the Consulting Detective is on strong financial standing but needs additional funding to reach it’s creative potential through better camera and sound equipment and more elaborate props and costumes. The film is currently well into pre-production stage and expects to begin filming in spring of 2013 with an eventual release in autumn of the same year.

And that is why I urge you all to donate to this Kickstarter project.
I have done so.