Curiosity celebratory post

Today I feel great. Today is one of the days I will look back upon as proof that mankind can achieve great things when we put our hearts, minds and strength to it. The Mars Science Laboratory Mission (MSL) is a prime example of what comes out when we use our talents and (to quote out of context but rather fittingly from Odyssey 2010):

Use them together, use them in peace.

MSL represents the combined efforts of (in no particular order) The USA, the UK, Spain, Finland, Germany, France, Russia and Canada. I am excited about the discoveries, the Curiosity rover will make, I can hardly describe it. This morning, while on the train to work I kept refreshing both my Twitter-stream and the CNN App constantly until the elevating and relieving news of successful touch-down came through.

Today is a day I feel great and I feel extra-great because I am a science-nerd and astronomy enthusiast!
And now for some eye-candy, all images (c) Nasa and in the public domain!

First, schematics of the landing, all went according to plan:

Click to enlarge

The first picture from Mars by Curiosity:

Curiosity’s shadow on Mars


And mission control in a well deserved moment of joy:

NASA Mission Controle Cheering

Oh happy day! Have a great one, everybody!

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