Fthagn Friday: Cthulhu's Mother

For eons, even before T’yog went to challenge Gatanothoa, people (and others) have wondered where Cthulhu originally came from.
Well, it seems that finally we have an answer. This is an early family photo of Cthulhu:

Cthulhu's mother and Baby Cthulhu

But now we face an even greater mystery: Who in the Crawling Chaos’ name is the woman in this portrait, and: How tall is she, actually, and does she have a house in R’lyeh, too.
Oh my, this leads to an even more terrifying question: If Cthulhu’s mother also has a house in R’lyeh, is Cthulhu still living in her basement? The implications… The horror, the horror!
And: Could someone please be so kind and give me the name of the artist? It would be highly appreciated!


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