A Tesla Museum!

My friends and fellow conspirators over at the gatehouse have already blogged about it and now I also finally come round to promoting this wonderful project:

Operation “Let’s build a Goddamn Tesla Museum”

How much more worthy could a Steampunk/Teslapunk project be, if I may ask. It is hardly conceivable.
Now, the land where Tesla’s last laboratory stands/stood, depending on how you see it is up for sale and a crew of wonderful people have gotten together to raise money to buy the land it stands on and turn it into a museum.

Wardenclyffe Tower

Click image to donate!

The alternative would be seeing it turned into yet another mall, retail outlet or something similar.

We cannot allow this! Tesla’s memory needs to be preserved! We need this museum!

So, I just helped out, so should you. There is a Kickstarter project raising funds for the museum, please donate, don’t let this historic site be turned into a temple to the cancer of consumerism!