More amazing art by James Ng

Well, what can I say, this is already the third time I feature the art of the most amazing James Ng on this blog, but what choice do I have? His great body of work simply keeps delighting and surprising me. It would be a real shame not to display his works here and share them with you. This latest work of his is titled Crystal Herbalist and this is the concept in his words:

Using the steam powered alchemical furnace, the Crystal Herbalist fuses ingredients into a powerful, smokable extract. The powdered medicine is burned and inhaled while she measures the potency of each brew using her reinforced lungs and heart. Through the reflection of a mirror she looks within herself, assessing the lights and valves to calculate the effects of each new concoction.

So please, enjoy the complete image and some amazing details. Warning, this is a touch not safe for work!

The original is available in print at his website: