Review: Sunday Driver UK – The Mutiny

Sunday Driver UK - The Mutiny (cover)Another Steampunk album, another different style, another work I cannot complain about. This time it is The Mutiny by Sunday Driver UK, one of the more prominent bands in the Steampunk scene.
Where to start? The Mutiny is a beautiful and very atmospheric album. It conjures visions of a slightly alternative 1920’s speakeasy filled with mobsters, airship pilots and other characters taken from Steampunk and pulp fiction.
Especially noteworthy is the overall style of the album, apart from being on the jazzy side, the Indian influences are very prominent and give the album a very distinct and unique quality.
Chandy Nath’s voice and style is nothing short of outstanding and Kat Arney clarinet attracted praise from my significant other, herself a clarinet player and therefore far better qualified to judge than I am. I cannot even say there is one song I prefer over all the others. Every single one is a beautiful piece, adding to the picture the album created in my mind.

However, I am most intrigued by Satyam Shivam Sundaram (i.e. Truth is eternal and beautiful), mainly because it sounds like the prelude to some Indiana-Jones-like adventure and because I do not speak Hindi but would like to. I also would like to know if the song is a tribute to the Bollywood movie of the same name.

To sum up: The Mutiny is a very atmospheric, beautiful and unique listening experience. A wonderful fusion between Steampunk, folk and traditional Indian music. All those factors create an album no Steampunk should miss in their collection.

10 out of 10 Zeppelins and the badge of honor:


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