European Steampunk Convention Support Raffle – Spread the word!

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The time of the European Steampunk Convention is fast approaching and our friends from the Golden Gear Forum in Spain have come up with a brilliant idea: A Raffle.

The raffle prizes are: A dress for ladies and a coat and waistcoat for gentlemen. I gladly vouch for their quality.

Take a look and click on the images to enlarge:

Now the raffle goes like this:

One ticket is 1€ or the equivalent of your currency. So if you want to have better chances and buy five tickets, you send 5€.

Send the amount you want to enter into the raffle via paypal to m.rauchfuss(Æ)

and specify if you want a ticket for the coat or the dress. If you want to raffle for both, you need at least 2€ and say so in the little note you can send with the payment.

All entries until the 21st of September enter the draw. Winners will be announced here and on the European Steampunk Convention Facebook Group. We ship internationally, so don’t be shy if you are from outside Europe.

Before I forget:
Concerning size:
The coat and waistcoat are somewhere between M and L. I am a 5′ 11″ guy and they fit me rather well.
Concerning the dress:
It fits a lady of ample proportions. It is deliberately a bit wider so it can be tailored down.

And now: Good luck to all participants!

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