Non-Steampunk recommendation: One of Us, Old Boy by L. Joseph Shosty

Today I again digress from my usual Steampunk-related reviews to recommend a short story by one of my favourite authors of the Space: 1889 & Beyond crew: L. Joseph Shosty.

The story is real short, so the review is equally brief (and contains no spoilers):

The Cover of "One of Us, Old Boy" by L. Joseph Shosty

One of Us, Old Boy is a bittersweet jewel of a short story. A brief tale about the quest for knowledge and the desire to share, friendship and the harsh reality of life with some magic on top.
Ten magical minutes of reading, leaving me wishing for a prequel to explain the properties of the old photograph.

And: L. Joseph really manages to get the atmosphere of the old Professor’s study and the bond of friendship between him and the narrator across in few words and a lot of power.

If you have the $ 0,99 for something on the Kindle, get it. It is one wonderful quick read that will brighten your day.

10 out of 10

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