Just one week to go until The European Steampunk Convention

Just one week to go… Oh my! When the European Steampunk Convention was still just an idea back in September 2011, a year seemed such a long time. Now it is September 2012, a year has passed (surprise!) and the European Steampunk Convention will happen. I hope it will be the first of many, obviously, but it all depends on how well this one goes.
In any case, the year of planning has flown by and a lot more has come out of it than I had imagined. Events all across Europe, three official ones in Spain alone. Victor Sierra will perform in Luxembourg and BB Black Dog in Mansfield, UK. I wish I could be at the latter event, because it is really close to home (Nottingham, in case you wonder). We will connect via Twitter, Google+, Skype, and Facebook and hopefully have a stable video-connection.
I will be in Vienna myself and spend the whole day there (I should arrive around noon). The longest time I will have spent in the former K.u.K. capital thus far, a shame, really. Then it will be party all night and the flight back the next morning. Oh my!

I will shoot a video and produce at least one podcast about the event and there will be updates on the fly on the channels mentioned above.

The European Steampunk Convention is upon us, make it an event the European Steampunks can be proud of!