A Spanish Steampunk Anthology – Planes B

Today, I have the great pleasure to point your attention to the first issue of the first in a series of Spanish Steampunk anthologies, Planes B.

So here’s the story behind the anthology:

A year ago, Josué Ramos from Spain, and Negro Inmunsapá from Mexico (both friends of mine) had the idea to create the first Steampunk anthology in Spanish, written by people from Spain and America. From the first rough concept, more ideas sprang. One of them was the creation of a collection of books made to promote new writers. Its name is “Planes B”. It was officially introduced on the recent EuroSteamCon in Madrid, on the 28thof September.

And now the people behind Planes B are glad to announce that the volume #1 is done!

Josué Ramos aka Schnabel and Simón Bellido, from Spain; and Negro Inmunsapá and Miss von Marmalade, from Mexico are the chief editors of the project. They are all part of the group of artist known as Mercenarios de Dios, which also publishes the retrofuturistic magazine “El Investigador” once a month.

Each volume of Planes B will include one short story by a famous writer the other stories will be written by new and unknown authors.

They are very proud to announce that the guest author of volume #1 is Jeff VanderMeer. His tale is “Fixing Hanover” translated by Jason Burrows as “Arreglando a Hanover”, and originally published in the Extraordinary Engines anthology (edited by Nick Gevers) in 2008.

In addition, this first book includes five more short stories written by Simón Bellido, María Eijo, Rafael di Ferro, Ricardo Montesinos and Janacek Jadehierro. The illustrations are by Tamarindo Conde from Spain and Karina Denisse “Kadeco” from Mexico. The cover image was made by Alexandra Galeano and the model is Vito, both from Argentina.

Planes B Vol.1 Cover

We (the team behind Planes B and me) all hope this will be the beginning of something great! And we want you to enjoy reading it, of course.

If you want to see more, visit their website web: planesb.es

And, to buy or get a free download copy of the volume #1, visit: http://www.bubok.es/libros/216931/Planes-B-Vol-1

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