Out of my Element – A Steampunk Webcomic

Kudos to Frank for this one. Gosh, I just thought back, I’ve known the guy for twelve years now, how time flies.
I digress. He pointed my attention to the following web comic:

And now I have pointed your attention to it. How devious of me to do such a thing.

The long and the short of the story behind Out of my Element is this:

Humans and elemental beings living in a world run by steam – Out of My Element is a web comic that tells the tale of a small band of revolutionaries that are trying to bring about a peaceful existence between the technologies of man and the forces of the primal elements.

Out of my Element has been running since July 2011, so it is just over a year old and is currently in the first few pages of chapter three. Go check it out, just click the cover:

Out of my Element Chapter 1 Cover