Review: Space 1889 & Beyond – Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence, the first book in the second season of Space: 1889 & Beyond is thus far the one I found most challenging to read.

Conspiracy of SIlence CoverThe novel it starts so badly for our beloved pair of adventurers, Nathanial and Annabelle. They make it back to earth only to find themselves in the center of some, you guessed it, conspiracy of silence. One of the aims of this conspiracy is to silence them both, one way or the other. It is maddening to read to which length the people responsible go, to not let certain things reach the public. If you have read Dark Side of Luna you know what those things are. If not, I will refrain from putting any spoilers here.

But: This horrible start for Annabelle and Nathanial makes for one novel you do not want to put down. You have to keep going until their record is cleared again. By this time, you have found out enough about the other things the conspiracy wants to hide and what goes on in the periphery, you still do not want to put the novel down.

In short: Conspiracy of Silence is one fascinating political thriller set in the Space: 1889 & Beyond universe you cannot put down and which you should not miss. In addition to a great plot we get some tantalizing glimpses into possible avenues and paths other novels in the series might take in the future and explore the universe, there is more: The novel is sprinkled with cameos of various real historical figures which makes this novel connected to our reality in a fascinating way.

10 out of 10 Zeppelins (what else could it be) and the Badge of Honor: