Even more Music – The White Ravens

More and more Steampunk-related music is coming in through the ætherbox, and it is becoming ever clearer: The music of the scene is defined by visuals, the artists’ outfits and the themes of the songs. The musical styles vary widely.
Meet The White Ravens, an indie pop geek band from Ann Arbor Michigan, they have just released their third CD, Saddle up the Whales (what a great title for an album).

Saddle up the Whales Cover

The White Ravens have a very unique style. The lyrics tell complete stories and invoke images in your head and it all very lyrical. Actually, it is really hard to put into words. I suggest you watch the video:

Very different from anything steampunk-related I have heard thus far, and the visuals are also very different, but I love the sweet fish-airship.
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So much for this quick introduction. There will be a complete review of the album later. Promise!