PULP! – Steampunk, Lovecraft and flying ships in one game!

Oh the wonders of the ætherweb! So many wonderful people with so many wonderful ideas.

PULP - Cover motif

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This one sounds really intersting:

Flying ships in best Spelljammer (that’s old AD&D related material, back from the early 1990’s) tradition, coupled with Steampunk aethetics and some 1920s phantastic fiction, all blended into one game.
Did I mention some of the pulpy, i.e. 1920s elements are taken from H.P. Lovecrafts work? Yes, I did, in the headline. I am really excited about this project and I want to see it turn into the game it promises. So many good things rolled into one! But enough of my excited ramblings, please lend your ears and eyes to what Mr. Bowen has to say: