A secret of Silent Hill uncovered

The feared Pyramid Head of Silent Hill has long been considered to be formed from the body of a cursed individual. More precisely, it is revealed in the storyline that certain individuals are picked by Pyramid Heads to be transformed into Pyramid Heads themselves.
This, however, does not cover the beginning of the Pyramid Heads. I have speculated, the transformation is only one of the possible processes, they also have to be able to generate naturally. Otherwise: Where did the first Pyramid Head come from? After all, there was no one to transform… errh… him?
So, I engaged my æther-quantum-transformation-generator and headed out to Silent Hill to get to the bottom of this mystery.
After some close calls with the otherworldly inhabitants and with the help of some… other denizens I was able to sneak into a, you will not believe this:

Pyramid Head Nursery!

Yes, as it turns out, Pyramid Heads not only have children but are also caring and affectionate parents.
The sight of fully mature and infant Pyramid Heads needs to be seen to be believed.
Enough of the words now, before people think I am making this up, here’s a photograph of an infant Pyramid Head in the Pyramid Head Nursery in Silent Hill:

An infant Pyramid Head