Review: Professor Elemental – Father of Invention

When I am not dressed up all Steampunk, I wear a lot of black. I also have rather long hair, and a Norse tattoo. I guess you get the message I want to convey. My kind of music is not necessarily hip-hop, not necessarily in deed.

The other day, I was contacted by none other than the most honourable Professor Elemental himself. He inquired whether I would be interested in reviewing Father of Invention, his latest album.

Of course I took this opportunity, knowing full well it would not quite be my usually preferred style. After all, you can still judge quality, when you hear it. My cautious approach proved unnecessary.

Father of Invention is (no pun intended) splendid! It is a very Steampunk, thoroughly British piece of most excellent chap hop and already a classic.

I cannot even say with any degree of certainty which one my favourite track is. It starts with two delightful introductory pieces, Introductory Welcome and You’re invited, both rather light-hearted, goes on via the jewel I’m British, capital in deed, and Zeppelin Steeplechase to the most excellent gentlemanly trading of verbal blows The Duel and finally All The Best, to close an album no Steampunk should be without.

Danceable, witty, thought-provoking, ironic, sometimes sarcastic, Steampunk, tongue-in-cheek and pure and simply very, very British. The perfect album to enjoy a cup of tea o a glass of gin to, whichever strikes your fancy.

Ten out of ten Zeppelins and the Badge of Honour

And here is a track to tingle your interest: