Steampunk made in Finland

I just noticed, this is post number 999, oh my! Who would have thought this blog would ever come this far. Anyway, it is beside the point. What I actually want to post about today is another great piece of news I got through my Ætherbox:
Our friends in Finland have published their first Steampunk anthology, Steampunk! – Machines and Corsets, or more precisely: Steampunk! – Koneita ja korsetteja


I cannot say much about it, since, for now, it is only available in Finnish. Fortunately the excellent lady and scholar J. S. Meresmaa was kind enough to provide me with a short synopsis and a few words about Osuuskumma, the publisher:

Steampunk! — Machines and corsets is at the moment available only in Finnish, but we would be glad to translate an excerpt for you and your readers so you’ll get a better view of what it is about. We have nine short stories presenting a range of European cities (Prague, Budapest and Paris for example), a few which are situated in fictive places and even a story which happens in Ostrobothnia region in Finland.


Osuuskumma (which comes from words “osuus” = share and “kumma” = weird/strange) was founded in spring 2012. Our first publication came out in May and is called  Kumman rakas (you could translate that as “Strangely Beloved”) which is an anthology of strange love. We also publish twice a year a romantic speculative fic magazine called Ursula. The newest issue will be out next month. We are a bunch of enthusiastic and productive writers/editors/illustrators, who have noticed that big commercial publishing houses don’t always get what speculative fiction is or could be about. We want to offer lovers of this strange literature a wider range of fiction and give Finnish genre writers a better chance to get their great stories published – even the short stories.

And concerning Finnish Steampunk literature in general, J.S. has this to say:

The fall of 2012 has been trailblazing time for Finnish steampunk, when in August a publishing house Karisto released a Young Adult novel, The Beggar Princess, by steampunk writer Magdalena Hai, who also makes an appearance in the brand new anthology. And the Finnish steampunk won´t stop here! The literary movement has faced great enthusiasm and will see continuation next year in forms of another anthology and a sequel to The Beggar Princess, The Clockwork King.


Excellent, so many great things come out of this thinly populated country! I have to brush up my Finnish one of these days and go to Helsinki and beyond.

And before I forget, there will be a follow-up: An interview with Magdalena Hai is already in the works.


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