The Crypto-Historians: A new Steampunk web series

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-Our future is in their hands!-

Science fiction writer and war veteran Jimmy Diggs has written more episodes of “Star Trek” than any other freelance writer in the history of the franchise and has been called, “the Jackie Robinson of ‘Star Trek’ writers.”  This January 11th, Jimmy will debut the teaser-trailer of his new Steampunk (TV/web) series “The Crypto-Historians” as part of “Her Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium” aboard the historic “Queen Mary” in Long Beach, Calif.

In this action-adventure series, a hit man from the future, an inventor from the present, and a hero from the past must join forces and travel to the 1890’s to stop the “War of the Worlds” from becoming a reality.  They will use the time travel secrets of H.G. Wells and Nikola Tesla to change history and prove that, “The future is in our hands.” Along the way, they encounter some of history’s most dynamic figures: 28 year old Madame Marie Curie, 40 year old Teddy Roosevelt, 22 year old Harry Houdini, 16 year old Albert Einstein, and even an 8 year old Adolph Hitler!

Steampunk is the fastest growing yet most underserved genre of science fiction today.  “The Crypto-Historians” is a character-driven series that entertains as well as educates.  It teaches that those who fail to learn from history are not just doomed to repeat it – they are just doomed.

The debut and release of this long awaited teaser-trailer coincides with the beginning of the “Kickstarter” funding drive that will make this dream a reality.  With funding from the fans of science fiction, this series will avoid the “development hell” that has destroyed so many worthwhile projects.  The fans, not Hollywood, will determine the fate of this series.  For “The Crypto-Historians,” truly – the future is in their hands!

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