May I point Your attention to: Steampunk India

It is with great pleasure I present to you yet another site in the growing family of Steampunk-themed ætherweb abodes:

Steampunk India

I very strongly suggest you go and pay the site a visit. It is still brand new, it went online yesterday, actually, but it promises a very different view on the whole thing with Steampunk and history. You know what I mean: The British Empire, a glossed-over take on colonialism and related topics. For one, there is the very illustrious Captain Gita Rohini of the Airship Devadasi.

In case you wonder what the name of the airship means:


Historic image of two Devadasis

Although there is little material online yet, the image gallery offers a glimpse on upcoming material. I am looking forward to learning more about Captain Gita Rohini and her adventures and I want to have the following questions answered rather sooner than later:

What happens when a Maharani loses her Raj?
What happens when less emancipated regions and foreign nations refuse to trade with her, solely because she is female?
What happens when our Maharani just happens to be an accomplished scientist?

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