Review: Invaders 1938 by Terrible Spaceship

The creativity within the music section of our scene really has no bounds. The other day I opened my ætherbox to find yet another message directing me to an album of a band I had thus far not heard of before. The band is Terrible Spaceship and the album (their debut) is Invasion 1938.


So, thus far I have reviewed Steampunk-themed rock, hip hop, psychedelic rock, goth-electro, pop, folk and tribal inspired works. How shall I class Terrible Spaceship? Horror Electro? Maybe if I was a little bit more into techno and house I would have a better grip on where their style comes from. In any case, it is very different from things I have heard before. This is great, so much creativity! But on with the proper review:

Invaders 1938 is a concept album based around Orson Wells’ classic adaption of The War of the Worlds. It tells the story from beginning to end and mixes snippets of the original recording with electronic beats ranging from electro-swing to horror-themed tunes.

The album is firmly set somewhere inter-dimensionally between Dieselpunk and Atompunk. Of course, Wells’ adaption is by historic definition Dieselpunk but the space age music that goes with it makes the images in your mind more modern.

The music blends beautifully with the story, the sampling is exquisitely done. Actually, you should give it a listen yourself, here is the album:

Interestingly enough, I find Invaders 1938 to speed my thought processes and listening to the album while writing or programming also helps me concentrate. Intriguing! But this is just a fortunate side-effect.

I can readily recommend the album to everybody who thinks they have heard little truly new and innovative tunes in the scene lately. The guys of Terrible Spaceship have created a debut album they can be proud of.

9 out of 10 Zeppelins and that’s only because the individual tracks are rather short and a bit more of Wells’ material could have been used.

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