Edgar Allan Poe in an 8-Bit Video Game Adventure

A group of independent game developers, Wrought Iron Games, is currently working on a wonderful old school 8-Bit adventure game. The protagonist is none other than Edgar Allen Poe himself.
He is on a mission in an alternate version of London to save his wife from Jack the Ripper. If the last two sentences do not have you getting exited about this game already, how the hell did you find my blog?
For all those who are excited, check out this not-even-beta gameplay snippet:

This is so wonderfully retro! It takes me back to the days of my youth! And here are some screenshots:
Mr. Poe stalking the sewers:

Edgar Allan Poe in the sewers

And here is a Steampunk one, some boiler room:

Boiler Room

I hope the people behind Edgar are getting this game up and running real quick. They will also set up a Kickstarter campaign (according to this article on Mashable) to be able to dedicate more time to the project since they are only doing it in their spare time so far.
I will keep you updated on the developments and spread the word once the Kickstarter is up and running.

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