Atompunk – 1950's Sci-Fi Movies

The 1950’s were a golden age for science fiction movies. The space race had begun, the world was ablaze with a fascination for space travel and exploration.
This was obviously a very fertile environment for science fiction movies to flourish in. The science fiction movies of the 1950’s are, do the math, around 60 years old by now and in some cases, the copyright has expired and they are in the public domain, which is why you can find them on Youtube. There is a whole host of these Atompunk jewels available right now and in some of them atomic energy is a major factor in the plot.
So, if it is a rainy, dreary day and you do not know what to do, delve into the history section of cinema and enjoy some classic sic-fi like the one below, available for free and for you to enjoy: