Support Victor Sierra's New Album Fundraiser

Victor Sierra, in my humble opinion continental Europe’s supreme Steampunk band is working on another album, and they need our help. After all, maintaining an airship like the Hydrogen Queen is expensive.

In their own words:

What We Need:

We’re planning to release a new album in May 2013, but we need: Equipment… Cogs…Hydrogen…Steam…Fabric…Lead (to be transmuted into gold, who knows?)… Copper and Brass… Mastering… Absynth… several bottles of Jack… and Rum -for our legendary converted princess…

Well, a lot of things are highly necessary…

Therefore, we’ve decided to launch an Indiegogo project to help us achieve our goal: a new album in 2013!

Well stated in deed! And here is a most excellent video, Mr. Eisenstein’s personal message to you!

You know what you have to do now: Go right here!

Support Victor Sierra!